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When a ‘potential’ or ‘present’  customer of yours types in the key words that describe ‘Your’ business, you want them to have Your Business staring them in the face, either from their mobile phone, their laptop, or their PC.

If You are really serious about Your Business and you want to take the Lions Share of the available ‘potential’ customers/clients who are visiting daily, then you need to Visit the Welcome page.

We all know word-of-mouth is probably ‘the’ best form of advertising right?
Well let’s suppose you only get ‘ONE’ new customer a month from your subscription to the (unlikely to be that low but let’s run with it) depending on your business, that could be a very valuable lead, especially when they go on and recommend your business to their friends, relatives and associates because they were so pleased with your service or product, and then those friends go on to do the same again etc, etc.

I think you can work the potential maths out for yourself here, so I won’t bore you with examples, just to say that being on the websites could definitely be the wisest time investment you’ll ever make.
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If you are running a ‘local’ business of any kind you should always be taking advantage of the various ‘Business – to – Business’ referral clubs/communities etc. Almost all of those concepts are Brick & Mortar based where you need to give up a considerable part of your working day once or twice a month. With the FRED67 Business Referral club you lose none of your working day and the referral system reaches MUCH further due to the ‘Public Searches’ and the regular ‘Newsletter updates’ to all members keeping everyone in the loop about new members joining and current members business announcements/offers etc.

This is not one of those hugely expensive marketing deals that promise you everything but delivers little.
This is a Personal, One on One Service I’m offering, where I believe over delivery is the key to an excellent ongoing working relationship between us both.

So please complete the confidential  ‘contact’ form and I will get back in touch ASAP to get your business attracting more than your fair share of new customers.

Many thanks,

Peter Moring.

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Introduction to; The Local Business Booster


Hi, and thank you for checking out The Local Business Booster website.


The main purpose is to firstly introduce you to the Local Business Referral Club

And secondly; to be the main hub for all of the Video; Audio; PDF courses offered to the ‘Private Members‘ who may or may not yet have a business to promote to the fred67 community.

These courses are Free to paid-up subscribers of ‘The Local Business Referral Club’ but access is available via this link to those who are just interested in ‘Proven Business Promotion Techniques’ or establishing an on-line / off-line Residual Income for themselves.

If you are a ‘Trusted Trader/Service Provider’ within the Thames Valley, please first read This Page.

If You would just like to find out more about the ‘Private Membership‘ please visit This Page.

To check out all that is offered inside the ‘Private Members‘ area please Check Here.


But do remember new courses will be added as they become available and if I think they would be of great benefit to ‘all’ members.



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Fifteen Ways That You Can Profit From Private Label Rights – PLR


Social Media Globe 2.


Private Label Rights can be purchased extremely cheaply and sometimes even for Free!!

In the following Video – You will learn how you can turn that minimal expense into a very highly profitable online Income –
NO … There Is No Charge For This Introductory ‘One Hour+ Long‘ Video, but if you’d appreciate Many Hours MORE of this type of valuable tuition, Please Click The ‘Green’ Fred67 Banner in the sidebar to find out how. (After watching the video first of course)

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video one – 15 ways to profit from plr



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The Truth About Cowboy Builders, Trades & Services

British Homeowners are delaying maintenance and repair work on their homes because they don’t know where to turn to find ‘trusted’ trades and services.

Thanks to programmes like ‘Cowboy Builders’ – ‘WatchDog’ and other similar programmes that cash in on the unfortunate circumstances of just a ‘few’ unlucky consumers in the name of ‘Viewing Figures’ we are now a nation of Paranoid potential customers.

The fact is that most trades and services ‘are’ reliable and trustworthy. Hundreds of thousands of hard-working Honest-Joe’s leave the house every morning intent on delivering the very best work, or the very best service they can. If you fall prey to the ‘cowboys’ out there, it’s purely –  ‘Bad Luck’ – just as being in an accident is ‘bad luck’ – but it happens to THOUSANDS of people every day.

So Pleeeease – don’t get hung up about being shafted by cowboy trades and services – they are rarer than your TV would like to have you believe for their own agenda. BUT! – If you are concerned, please check out and put your mind at ease.

Another VERY important point is …. If you put off having that work done, you are strangling the very service stream you will eventually rely on, because as work dries up, these traders and service providers go out of business leaving a ‘void’ that the ‘cowboys’ will certainly fill.
Your chances of getting one then will be very much higher – Not Good  🙁


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